JADDS is a registered charity (no. 1144158) and relies on donations.   

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Office Hours

We now have a part-time

support worker. If you need to

speak to her she is in the office:

Monday - Thursday: 9.30 - 14.00

Alternatively you can email her here

Or leave her a voice message

out of hours on 0161 660 9124

Promoting JADDS

 As JADDS thrives on new members it is essential that we promote JADDS wherever possible.  Not only will this help to recruit new members, which means help for those new members and wider shared experience, but it is also just as important to educate our community as to the nature of ADHD and similiar conditions.

How can I promote JADDS?

1. Download a copy of our poster in PDF format and think of anywhere relevant* that may display it for you.

2. If you know someone who has a child with ADD/ADHD mention to them about JADDS, show them our website, even invite them to one of our meetings.

3. Mention JADDS to the SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator at your local Jewish School) so that they can refer parents to JADDS

4. Mention JADDS to all your friends and family, asking them if they know of anyone who may have a child with ADHD/ADD who may want to contact us.


* Relevant places for the posters:

Shuls, Schools, local shops, local pharmacies, your local surgery, local NHS drop in centre communal organisations/buildings